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Thanks to the use of drones, we can carry out inspections much faster than with traditional methods. Drones are able to cover vast areas in a very short time, reducing inspection times. This saves our customers valuable time and optimizes their productivity.

Financial savings Traditional NDT inspections often involve a team of inspectors who must physically travel to the site, accommodation and logistics, resulting in high labor costs. By using a drone, a single person can pilot the drone and carry out the inspection remotely, reducing labor costs in addition Traditional NDT methods can involve safety risks for inspectors, particularly when they have to access hazardous or hard-to-reach areas. Using a drone reduces these risks by avoiding direct exposure of inspectors to potentially hazardous conditions, which can lead to safety and insurance savings ,Fewer accidents mean fewer potential injuries, which can translate into savings on medical care costs, compensation and insurance claims( By reducing accident risks, insurance premiums, workers’ compensation claims and specialized training costs, ).

Our drones enable inspections to be carried out remotely, reducing risks for inspectors who no longer need to access potentially dangerous areas. This approach guarantees the safety of our customers and their assets.
Our preventive inspections detect potential problems before they become critical. By identifying faults and anomalies at an early stage, we help our customers to take effective corrective action, avoiding costly breakdowns, service interruptions and emergency repairs.

We use advanced software to quickly analyze and interpret the data collected during inspections. After each inspection, we provide our customers with detailed reports highlighting the defects detected, together with precise recommendations for corrective action. This information enables them to make informed decisions and optimize the performance of their facilities.

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Thermographic Inspection Services

Inspections are carried out using drones equipped with infrared cameras, providing customers with precise, detailed data.

Drone Rental

Drone Sight's drone rental service offers customers the opportunity to benefit from cutting-edge drone technology without having to invest in the purchase and maintenance of their own drone fleet.

Customized and Personalized services

By offering customized services to meet the specific needs of each customer, DroneSight can charge appropriate rates, generating variable revenues according to the services provided.

Ariel Thermographic Inspection

Drone Sight stands at the forefront of revolutionizing industries through cutting-edge aerial technology and thermographic analysis.