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Professional Maintenance Service

At Drone Sight, our passion for technological innovation transforms business inspections and maintenance. We offer advanced solutions for aerial inspections and thermographic analysis, enabling informed decisions, operational optimization, and asset security. Our mission: enhance preventive maintenance using drones equipped with infrared cameras to detect defects at an early stage.

Thanks to the use of drones, we can conduct inspections much more quickly compared to traditional methods. Drones are capable of covering extensive areas in a short amount of time, thereby reducing inspection timelines. This enables our clients to save valuable time and optimize their productivity.

Our Services

We Provide Superior Maintenance Services

Aerial Inspections

Explore the possibilities of cutting-edge drone technology with our aerial inspection services. Our high-performance drones equipped with advanced cameras allow us to capture detailed imagery and data from unique vantage points.

Drone rental

DroneSight's drone rental service offers customers the opportunity to benefit from cutting-edge drone technology without having to invest in the purchase and maintenance of their own drone fleet.

Customized services

By offering customized services to meet the specific needs of each customer, DroneSight can charge appropriate rates, generating variable revenues according to the services provided.

Additional Services

We Also Offer

In addition to our core inspection and thermographic analysis services, DroneSight proudly offers an array of supplementary solutions tailored to meet your specific needs. From comprehensive data analytics and trend forecasting to custom training programs and actionable maintenance recommendations, our additional services enhance the value of our offerings, empowering you with a holistic approach to asset management and operational optimization. With DroneSight by your side, you can unlock the full potential of aerial intelligence for a smarter, more resilient future.

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Quality Material

Using cutting-edge drone technology for precision inspections.


Certified by Ministry of Knowledge Economy, Startup and Micro Enterprises.

Trained Engineers.

Drone Sight boasts a team of highly trained and skilled engineers.

Time Availability

Drone Sight delivers swift and efficient inspection solutions.

Quick Response

Drone Sight ensures rapid and responsive support for your needs.

1 Year Warranty

Drone Sight guarantees comprehensive warranty coverage.

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